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SAP Financial Statement Insights

Flexibly analyze profit and loss in real-time

Enable finance professionals to discover hidden trends and drive strategic decision-making by performing personalized ad-hoc analysis of financial statements in real-time.

USD 386.00
user / month

You can only subscribe to one edition.

Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Analyze the past...

Perform an in-depth analysis of profit and loss data.

Directly compare last year's revenue to the daily aggregates of this year. Slice and dice the time series by customers, products, segments and other business attributes.

...to drive change...

Simulate the impact of organizational changes.

Dynamically re-arrange profit center hierarchies and watch key figures changing on the fly for your what-if scenarios. Discover potentials to optimize the company structure and immediately evaluate changes.

...and shape the future.

Evaluate financial performance against the plan.

Find the exact point in time, when you exceeded your revenue plans, explore the data to find the root cause and motivate plan adaptations for the next financial period.



Explore SAP Financial Statement Insights  

Learn more about SAP Financial Statement Insights, a cloud native tool to perform flexible profit and loss analysis in real-time.




user / month

Subscription: 12 month (s)

You can only subscribe to one edition.

Generate real-time reports with the finest granularity - based on transactional accounting

Answer upper management inquiries in real-time

Display and simulate organizational changes in real-time, based on actuals

Identify areas for strategic focus and business improvement

Change business models on-the-fly to play with ideas instantly, saving time and manual efforts through ad-hoc view

High security standards and data protection

Integration with SAP S/4HANA

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Data Availability

SAP Financial Statement Insights is a cloud solution that integrates with SAP S/4HANA in a hybrid approach. An SAP S/4HANA system (on premise or cloud) is required.

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About the Publisher

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