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SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (Network provider option)

3D printing customer collaboration

Support your customers to leverage the potential of 3D Printing by identifying parts, optimizing and pricing them, defining production options, all embedded into customer's supply chain.

USD 110.00
unit / month

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Materials & Prices

Define the additive manufactured product

Define how the part should be printed as base for later re-ordering, either by completing the customer's request, providing prices and lead times or offer the customers alternatives based on their requirements and your knowledge of processes and available materials.

Design Collaboration

Verify and optimize design

Collaborate with your customers on the design – suggest changes, discuss questions or highlight inherent problems, suggest design alternatives (design file provided by Heraeus Additive Manufacturing).

Quality and Product Features

Collaborate on sample parts quality

Record and discuss the quality results of test parts with customers. The system visualizes deviation from planned KPIs and allows a structured approval process.



On-Demand Manufacturing, with United Parcel Service, Fast Radius and SAP  





unit / month

Subscription: 1 year

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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License entitles adding up to 5 users

Supplier profile with additive manufacturing and service offerings

Be invited by customers into collaborations

Collaboration on additive manufacturing options, prices, design, and quality

Integration into customers’ SAP RFQ and procurement process

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