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SAP Cloud for Real Estate, location management

Rethink corporate real estate management

SAP is facilitating ways to help repopulate offices and gradually bring back employees in a safe and controlled manner. Workspace Booking for SAP Cloud for Real Estate allows employees to reserve a workspace within a preferred office location to adhere to capacity restrictions.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Physical distancing guidelines and regulations

Comply with physical distancing guidelines and communicate regulations to employees. Upload your building master data via the SAP Cloud for Real Estate template and configure workspace capacity thresholds in the Workspace Booking app.

Workspace booking

Enable employees to book a workspace, adhering to capacity restrictions. Eligible employees can use the app to book a workspace for a set amount of time in a preferred location.

Analyze office capacities

Gain more control over the management of your office capacities. Review anonymized booking behavior, run utilization analytics and adjust capacity planning if necessary.

Focus on key performance indicators

Analyze and optimize your real estate portfolio

Quickly gain financial insights that help you optimize real estate performance for multiple expense types. Slash your organization’s second largest expense item - real estate, with eye-opening transparency.

Simplify workflows

Make data simple to consume and understand

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is winner of the Red Dot Award for Communication Design 2017: Reform manual work with the help of easy filtering and navigation to and through your buildings to view areas of space, building space type, or ownership status. Save time and costs with an intuitive interface tailored for your needs.

Improve the workplace experience

Connect people with technology, resources and work spaces

Create people-centered workplaces and empower employees to be their happiest and most productive selves. Define each workplace with its various attributes, such as dedicated or shared desks, to accommodate a mobile and flexible workforce.



Rethink Corporate Real Estate Management with SAP Cloud for Real Estate  

Watch this video to find out more about SAP Cloud for Real Estate.




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Global portfolio overview

Site management

Building management

Floor & space management

Workplace management

Portfolio analytics

Site & building analytics

Globalization & translation

Map visualization & filtering

SAP solution integration

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Customer extensibility

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