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TSC Product Sustainability Toolkit for SAP Product Stewardship Network

Communicate sustainability performance to your customer

Evaluate environmental and social impact and improve product sustainability using KPIs developed by The Sustainability Consortium®. Facilitate decision making by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers along the value chain.

Suppliers: Please purchase this product only if you have been recently invited to a survey by one of your retailers. 

USD 699.00
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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Scoring model and KPIs

Measure performance and sustainability

Each toolkit consists of a questionnaire, related documentation, and a scoring model to determine the final score. The scorecard questions come directly from the key performance indicators (KPIs) developed by The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC) and relevant to a specific product category.

Over 100 categories

Stay informed and in the know with product category profiles

Get details of the hotspots, sustainability issues, improvement opportunities, and key performance indicators for a product category. Available to TSC members and licensees, profiles also list referenced scientific sources, term definitions, and resources that can help in responding to the KPIs.

Updates and upgrades

Keep your toolkit up to date

Corrections and updates to materials are included in the subscription and released as subsequent toolkit versions. During your subscription period, you can freely access the toolkits and use the contents for any number of surveys you receive from your customers.





license(s) / year

Subscription: 1 year

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Included features and functions

Toolkits for over 100 product categories

Industry-standard, science-based, sustainability metrics 

Interactive tools tailored to product categories

Access to toolkits and electronic reporting through cloud-based network

Ability to compare scores of industry peers

Online collaboration community for product manufactures and supply chains


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About the Publisher

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