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SAP Rights and Royalty Management by Vistex

Centralize intellectual property (IP) management and monetization capabilities in a single enterprise cloud solution.
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Recognize revenue and manage IP rights and royalties simply and effectively. Gain unprecedented insights into content management, rights, inbound and outbound royalties, payments, content accounting, and more.

Key Features

Benefits and Features

Streamline control of IP management processes for music, media, and brand licensing. With the SAP S/4HANA solution for rights and royalty management by Vistex, you can create contracts, track financial obligations, and optimize the value of your IP.
- Process support across the IP rights lifecycle
- Streamline integrated business processes in real time
- Flexibility to adjust to changing business models


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SAP Rights and Royalty Management by Vistex

SAP Rights and Royalty Management by Vistex

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