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Stay flexible, drive together

TwoGo is a solution for businesses, cities, and institutions to support the ride sharing of users as they travel to work, travel between locations of their companies or go on business trips.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Flexible ride options

Let us know where you want to go

Drivers and passengers each enter their preferred starting point, destination and time of arrival. TwoGo saves all your settings to make your next ride even easier. You can also create recurring ride intents and pre-defined locations or use our search function to join an existing ride.

Proactive matching

TwoGo finds the perfect option

By analyzing rides from all users, our intelligent algorithm identifies the best carpool fit for you and even factors in real-time traffic data to calculate precise routes and arrival times. You can tell TwoGo to match you on criteria like detour time, only with colleagues, or on a customized route.

Seamless communication

We keep you up to date

When your ride match is confirmed, we let you know via text, email or app. Your detailed itinerary not only features information on the ride's pick-up time and place, but also alerts you to any last-minute updates or changes. You can also invite friends to a created ride via email or social media.

Simple and convenient

Sit back and enjoy the shared ride

If something throws your travel plans off track, TwoGo takes care of all coordination with your ride participants and suggests alternatives straight away, including options with public transport, company buses or shuttle services.

Special occasion

We support your business travel or event

TwoGo has numerous features to help you save money on parking, company cars, and business trips – and reach your sustainability goals faster. Manage several cars, create reports and generate event links. You can also prompt your users with a lottery, the leaderboard or preferred parking.



How it works  


Features and Functions



user / month

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Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Proactive matching

Ride patterns and preferences

Multimodal alternatives with public transport

Business travel

Company bus and shuttle integration

Management of several cars

TwoGo Help Desk & Support

11 languages

International maps, time zones, unit of measures

Active user engagement

Reporting and analysis tool

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