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Sustainability Advisory Service

Circular Economy (CE) Innovation Workshops

Explore Circular Economy (CE) models to achieve sustainability goals, underpinned by digital technology. Combining a unique CE approach and SAP’s technology, our consultants work alongside your team to develop a Circular business model, along with the technology innovations to enable your vision.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Embrace Circular Economy Opportunities

In the Explore workshop your internal teams will learn the building blocks and core principles of Circular Economy solutions and be inspired by real stories before ideating on how to achieve your business sustainability goals.

A monitor displaying the Technology Enabler Cards A monitor displaying the Technology Enabler Cards

Combine Circular Business Models and Technology

Guided by our experienced consultants, you will explore business model ideas for a new, unique proposition. You will determine which enabling technologies and co-innovations can be used to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Pivot to Sustainable Business Models

Create a cross-company roadmap tied to the Circular Economy. Implement your business models to increase revenue through new value for waste or consumption models, and help build customer engagement in existing and new markets.

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Sustainability Services: Circular Economy Innovation Workshops  


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Sustainability Advisory Service

Service Scope:  The service provides the following deliverables:

1-day Explore Workshop, using SAP Circular Economy tools and led by expert SAP consultants

A report summarizing ideas, core concepts, impacts, feasibility analysis and next steps that were brainstormed during the workshop

Circular Economy Technology Navigator, high level roadmap connecting business concept to the enabling SAP technologies.

Please click on the 'Terms and Conditions' link below to review the detailed scope of this advisory service.
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Decision makers

Availability of decision makers such as leaders of Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy, Digital/Customer Experience, IT & Operations, and Production & Logistics

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