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SAP Digital Supplier Network Membership

Gain fully digital supplier collaboration capabilities with the world’s largest B2B network

Email, paper, and phone-based collaboration is slow, error prone, data-poor, low visibility and high in labor cost. SAP Digital Supplier Network Membership provides the essential digital connection between buyers and suppliers for automated, data-rich, fast, accurate transactions.

USD 75,000.00
membership / year

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Purchase Order to Invoice Automation

Real-time visibility of PO, Invoice, Order Confirmations, Shipping Notice, Receipts, and more.

The supplier gets full transparency of the order cycle – goods receipt status, invoice processing status and payment status.

Global Digital Supplier Network

Eliminates the heavy maintenance and costs of custom-built portals and EDI connections

Suppliers have the choice to transact via email, portal or ERP integration.

Global e-invoicing compliance

Meet country-specific requirements for invoice content, format, integrity, authenticity, legibility, and archiving.

Ease the strain on global business, especially when working with local suppliers with specific language and tax regulations. Let SAP host and manage those conditions in the cloud.

Supplier Mobility

Suppliers can collaborate with your organization from any location, from any device.

Stay apprised of all your order updates with real-time notifications via the mobile app.

Rules Based Automation

Detect invoice errors and exceptions on submission, returning problem invoices to suppliers for correction before posting to your payables system

Leverage the network’s business rules to facilitate 100% touchless transactions, increasing process compliance and eliminating errors.



Learn about the Supplier Portal for S/4 & ECC Customers - SAP Digital Supplier Network  


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Implementation Partners

An implementation partner is required to set up SAP Digital Supplier Network. To find a list of recommended partners, click here.

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