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Enablement Service for SAP HANA Cloud

Prepare yourself for a successful deployment

SAP HANA Cloud allows you to store and manage your data for use in custom applications, data science or analytics use cases. We explain key capabilities of the solution and cover best practice deployment scenarios. We enable and prepare your project team for a successful start with SAP HANA Cloud.

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Enablement Service for SAP HANA Cloud in desktop view.


Enablement service for SAP HANA Cloud  

2:44 min
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Service Scope

The service provides the following deliverables:

One (1) day remote preparation, including:

Workshop expectation alignment and onboarding

Three (3) days remote enablement workshop including:

Solution and architecture overview and deployment stories

Connectivity options, common use cases and tooling for data integration

Common use cases and tooling for data modeling

Connectivity options, common use cases and tooling for consumption

Tooling and concepts for administration and security

Migration process overview and integration with SAP Analytics Cloud*

One (1) day remote assistance including workshop feedback and Q&A

*Optional: This is for customers needing migration support moving to SAP HANA Cloud from other SAP HANA versions (on-prem, cloud (SAP HANA as a service)).
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Upfront preparation by the Customer to effectively explore business use cases and pain points

Availability of key resources from business, IT and Project Management Office

Access to latest generally available version of SAP HANA Cloud in a training environment

About the Publisher

About the Publisher