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Enhancement Services for SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Integrate web applications into PLC side-panel.

Show web applications like collaboration tools, cloud data or self-build PLC backend services in the PLC side-panel. Also, interact with your calculation, for example, highlight lines where issues are detected. Further, get line specific information directly by selecting the line.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Start with an In-App Collaboration

Every user can add comments and feedback per each line item. Other users of your team are able to react on the comment and provide feedback immediately. The In-App collaboration simplifies the communication and, therefore, generates stronger team results with perfect team work.

Improve the User Experience

Increase productivity of the PLC team.

The Side-Panel Browser is an easy way to improve the user experience with your existing PLC implementation. Integrate applications like workflow, cloud storage or planning. Display content of any URL in the PLC side panel, sensitive to the selected cost item.

Interact with your Calculation

Set the attention and priority on the right line item.

Set the attention and priority on the right line item. Let your web application highlight lines of your calculation if an issue was detected. Display the web-application depending on your selected cost item. Never lose the overview and priorities in your cost model by using the Side-Panel Browser.



See the Side-Panel Browser in Action  

1:13 min

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Enhancement Services for SAP Product Lifecycle Management

The service provides the following deliverables:

 Expert kick-off workshop to align with the customer

 Quick implementation & customization of the solution

 Solution walk through & knowledge transfer


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The Product Lifecycle Costing Enhancement Side Panel Browser is available for PLC Version 3.0 SP2 or higher and PLC Version 4.0 SP1 or higher.

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About the Publisher

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