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Business Process Assessment Service

Unlock your transformation potential with business process intelligence

The Business Process Assessment service provides tailored improvement recommendations based on process data insights, industry benchmarks and improvement capabilities for intelligent enterprises.

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Key Features


Create & analyze business process insights report

After creating your own business process insights report using your productive data, our best-in-class process experts will analyze, enhance and enrich the report for a selected process with additional insights and customized recommendations.

A laptop displaying a selection of options on a system A laptop displaying a selection of options on a system

Interactive workshop

We’ll conduct a remote workshop which includes a walk-through of the report content, the prioritization of improvement opportunities and a selection and prioritization of potential solutions based on our unique set of holistic process transformation capabilities.

A person is interacting with virtual computer A person is interacting with virtual computer

Result summary and follow-up planning

We’ll create a roadmap for the solution realization and/or additional deep dive sessions as well as a follow-up action plan. We get you started on your journey to end-to-end process excellence which will allow you will to drive the greatest value for your business, customers and financials.

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Coming Soon  


Plans and Pricing




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Business process assessment service


Service Scope


This service provides the following deliverables:

Enhanced business process intelligence insights report 

Solution roadmap

Service summary presentation and result documents

Please click on the link ‘Terms and Conditions’ below to review the detailed scope of this service

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Product Support

Contact us
Contact us



Use the tools for creating the report recommended by SAP

SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder

(Recommended tool when customer is already on S/4HANA)


SAP Business Scenario Recommendations on Spotlight

(Recommended tool for customers moving to S/4HANA)

Business Process Insights report

You have to create and provide the Business Process Intelligence Insights report using your productive data.

About the Publisher

About the Publisher

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Customer Reviews