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SAP Upscale Commerce

Mobile First Commerce – go live in days

The next generation of mobile commerce designed for retail, CPG and direct to consumer industries. Build beautiful mobile native and progressive web apps. Deploy instantly.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Mobile first

Tap. Tap. Buy.

SAP Upscale Commerce built for today’s mobile consumer making it easy to discover and buy on any device with a few swipes. A rich native UI enables customers to pinch, swipe and one tap buy with ease. Retailers and brands can quickly build and instantly deploy intuitive commerce stores across native mobile apps (iOS, Android), and PWA for devices running a browser.

Fast and Flexible with Retail DNA

This next-gen SaaS platform enables fast deployments and notably lower TCO. It allows for quick and cost-efficient tests of new concepts. Drag and drop configuration makes it easy to design stores and connect to the back office. Vast expertise of Retail Science baked-in it combines traditional category management and AI to continuously tune for revenues and profit.

The Mobigram

Mobigrams are AI powered personalized stores. This advanced intelligence uses multiple layered AI to balance the needs of retailers (sell stock, drive profit, velocity, and exposure) with a great UX (speed, convenience, desire). Upscale does this continuously, automatically learning from every interaction to maximize profit of the retailer or brand.


Buyers want authentic, personalized experiences which are seamless across channels.
Upscale delivers dynamic sets of contextual experiences to maximize profit and a uniquely relevant UX. It provides tools to evolve from traditional category trees to tailored sets for each consumer, clearing out products and steering buyers to profitable categories.

Continuity Commerce

Upscale has a built-in predictive continuity engine to convert consumers to auto-replenishments allowing CPGs, brands and retailers to drive profitability via recurring revenue.
Reorder alerts are sent to consumers to replenish products with 1-click. Continuity programs such as auto-replenishment, dynamic kits and household membership are available.



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fee / month

Subscription: 3 month (s)

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Configurable SaaS solution 

One Domain 

Limited API access 

Batch file integration

3 months subscription minimum (auto renewal)

Included volume US$ 1.14 million GMV per month

Additional Information

Beyond the included volume additional charges based on the table within the Show More link apply

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