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SAP Data Intelligence

Discover, connect and enhance disjointed data into insights at enterprise scale.


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capacity units / month

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Distributed Data Orchestration

Transform structured, unstructured, and streaming data into business insights.

Operationalize Machine Learning

Bring your machine learning products to production quickly to maximize business value and increase innovation.

Data Catalog, Metadata Management, and Governance

Know your data and ensure it is fit for use with next-generation data management features.

Developer Flexibility and Containerized Execution

Get intelligent processes up and running quickly with straightforward and flexible tools.








capacity units / month

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Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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SAP Data Intelligence, cloud edition

Capacity Units are tied to the consumption of infrastructure resources (compute and storage).

These are measured across a combination of:
•  Data Management and Orchestration Services
•  Machine Learning Services
•  Storage Services

You can use the SAP Data Intelligence Calculator to determine the number of Capacity Units required for your needs. This is a calculator to help you identify a suitable storage and compute size, while estimating the number of capacity units. Choose from the pre-defined options or adjust based on your needs. Click here to access the calculator.


T-Shirt Sizes Capacity Units per Month  Total Users
Minimum 4,300 5
Small (w/o storage) 9,000 10
Small 11,500 10
Medium (w/o storage) 15,600 15
Medium 26,400 15
Large (w/o storage) 30,000 20
Large 45,600 20
X-Large (w/o storage) 64,700 25
X-Large 84,000



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