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SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration - premium membership

Collect and track equipment information in a central repository

This cloud-based business network facilitates collaborative asset management and lets you take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). Operators access up-to-date maintenance strategies and manuals from manufacturers – and manufacturers automatically receive asset usage and failure data.

EUR 5,000.00
flat fee / month

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A documentation dashboard for Pump 00554 with highlights and documents in a desktop device
Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Collaborative Asset Management

Access a single repository for all information about your assets and equipment to enable effective asset management and customer service processes.

Network Enablement

Invite your business partners to the network through a free basic membership to share content and collaborate seamlessly with the active support of our enablement team.

Embedded 3D Work Instructions

Single source of truth for data sheets, documentation, and 3D work instructions.

Intuitive User Experience

Accelerate and simplify user adoption by providing a unified, intuitive user experience based on SAP Fiori.

Powerful Integration

Connect with other SAP solutions, such as SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Predictive Asset Insights, to facilitate smooth data exchange across enterprise and plant systems.



Introduction to SAP Business Network  

1:26 min
Watch the video to learn about SAP Business Network and how it helps companies compete in the global network economy.




flat fee / month

Subscription: 3 month (s)

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Premium Membership

Global registry of equipment; collaboration with business partners; standardize asset master data; and streamline maintenance activities


• Full access to network capabilities
• Invite business partners, both members and non-members, to collaborate with and share equipment information
• Unrestricted access to SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration functionality including API and backend integration
• Managing up to 2000 devices in the network
• Collaborate with up to 5 connections
• Using up to 516GB SAP HANA storage
• Enablement service support up to 5 connections
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