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SAP Rural Sourcing Management

Help agribusinesses achieve full transparency and traceability of produce

The SAP Rural Sourcing Management solution is a mobile business offering connecting smallholder farmers and suppliers in rural areas with the supply chain of global agribusinesses and consumer products companies – running on SAP Mobile Services

USD 323.00
blocks of 10,000 transactions / month

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Key Features

Key Features

Mobile access for field agents

Digitalize traceability from the earliest stage of farmer delivery to the weighing bridge. Turn data capture into a paperless process with smartphones, enable offline access and optimize bandwidth.

A mobile showing a screen of Buying Overview A mobile showing a screen of Buying Overview

Central operations insight on any device

Manage the agricultural supply chain comprehensively. Exchange information directly with market participants and respond to quality incidents and other issues immediately and more efficiently.

A mobile showing a screen of Farm Code A mobile showing a screen of Farm Code

Executive analytics in the cloud

Deliver high-performance supply chain analytics designed for Big Data. Acquire, manipulate, and visualize data from any source and support the highest security standards and 100% offline enablement.



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SAP Rural Sourcing Management  

SAP Rural Sourcing Management, a cloud-based solution for enhanced management of sustainability data through digitally recorded information on producers, their farms, and their communities at every level of the value chain.

Plans and Pricing



blocks of 10,000 transactions / month

Subscription: 12 month (s)

You can only subscribe to one edition.

SAP Rural Sourcing Management

Cloud deployment

Track-and-trace capabilities, from farm to table

Analysis of agricultural commodity sourcing

Compliance with agriculture regulations

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