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Enablement Service for SAP Sales Cloud

Prepare yourself for successful deployment

As part of this enablement service, your team will receive an expert-guided workshop series based on your key sales automation use cases for SAP Sales Cloud. Connect with the experts in virtually-delivered sessions covering key product capabilities, best practices on solution design, and more. Plus, the SAP CX Services team prepares a big picture view of how the SAP Sales Cloud solution can be best optimized for ongoing success.

USD 12,275.00

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Dashboard overview on desktop.
Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Platform Overview

Understand the core components and capabilities of the SAP Sales Cloud solution and how to solve key business use cases for your organization. Empower and enable your key users on how to design a state-of-the-art SAP Sales Cloud solution.

Dashboard on desktop. Dashboard on desktop.

Expert Guidance

Our SAP CX Services experts will provide advice and guidance to the project team members preparing to embark on an SAP Sales Cloud implementation. SAP experts will cover best practices in solution design, automation, integrations, security, and analytics.

A group of people in meeting. A group of people in meeting.

End-state Architecture

Keep the big picture in view. The SAP enablement team will help you with how your SAP Sales Cloud solution fits into the current landscape and what design considerations need to be taken for sustainability, maintainability, and scalability with the structure of SAP standard processes.

A person is drawing on paper. A person is drawing on paper.


SAP Sales Cloud  

2:00 min
Click here to view the video to learn more about how SAP Sales Cloud delivers exceptional sales experiences with personalized engagement.

Plans and Pricing




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Enablement Service for SAP Sales Cloud

The service covers a wide range of topics and enhances your business and IT teams’ orientation with dedicated sessions on:

Sales Automation Strategy

Use case outline

SAP Sales Cloud demo

SAP Sales Cloud- Next Gen CRM

Account & contact management

Employee, sales organization & territory management

Product management

Leads management

Opportunity management

Quotation management

Sales order management

Sales contract management

Workflows & templates

Activity management (Email, Phone, SMS, Visit)

Integration (SAP S/4HANA & SAP CPQ)


Product List, promotion & sales campaign

Outlook integration

Partner management

Pricing & discounts

Sales target planning

Sales forecasting

SDK & PDI Setup

Q/A session with Customer

Report & findings

SAP recommendation

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SAP Sales Cloud

  • Ensure appropriate team members are involved and encourage participation in workshops.
  • Guide, support and collaborate with the SAP team through business objectives and value drivers.
  • Present current system landscape and architecture to the SAP team and be prepared to answer related questions.
  • Review provided materials and ask questions during the workshop.

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About the Publisher

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