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SAP Custom Domain Service

Configure and expose your application under your own domain

In the Neo environment, you can configure your own custom domain to expose publicly your SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) application instead of using the default hana.ondemand.com subdomain.

USD 122.00
flat fee / month

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Purchase a custom domain quota

The custom domain quota represents the number of SSL hosts

Purchase a custom domain quota to start using the service. A quota of one custom domain corresponds to one SSL host.

Create an SSL host

Create an SSL host to configure your custom domain

The SSL host holds the mapping between the custom domain and your application on SAP BTP as well as the SSL configuration for secure communication through this custom domain.

Configure a domain certificate

Generate a CSR and upload a certificate

Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and use it to get a server certificate signed by a certificate authority (CA). Then, upload the signed certificate to SAP BTP and bind it to the SSL host.

Expose your application under a custom domain

Map a custom domain to the URL of your application

Make your application on SAP BTP accessible via a custom domain by mapping the custom domain to the application URL.

Configure DNS

Configure the DNS settings to route the traffic to your application

To route the custom domain traffic to your application on SAP BTP, configure it in the Domain Name System (DNS) that you use.

Manage the client certificate authentication to your SAP BTP application

Enable your customers to use client certificates when they access your application on SAP BTP via a custom domain.



How to configure custom domains in Cloud Foundry  





flat fee / month

Subscription: 1 year

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Metric definition: Custom Domain means a domain requested and configured by Customer for Platform Applications, instead of the default SAP subdomain.

This service helps you with:

SSL host creation

Domain certificate configuration

DNS configuration

Client certificate authentication management

Custom domain mapping to your application URL

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