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SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation, express edition

Connect devices, build and run your IoT applications

Get everything you need for a successful IoT project: Securely connect devices and use powerful microservices to model the digital twin. Develop and deploy your application with tools and IoT templates. Then, take action by connecting those applications to your business processes.

USD 2,834.00
/ month

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

IoT device management

Manage the lifecycle of IoT devices and securely connect them to the cloud over a broad variety of IoT protocols.

View the demo

Digital twin representation

Link various devices with the same capabilities from, for example, different manufacturers to the same semantic model and access all devices through a unified semantic model.

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IoT development environment

Deliver powerful IoT-ready applications and enhance or modify their code to fit a specific use case. Apply templates available through the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE service.

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Time-series data management

Automate the aggregate creation of incoming time-series data and use the managed Big Data store for tiered data storage and aging.

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IoT data access control

Grant data access to employees, customers, and partners with a granular authorization concept based on user role, thing hierarchy, and properties of a particular instance.



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Subscription: 3 month (s)

Early Adopter Care Program

The first 10 customer benefit from the exclusive Early Adopter Care Program:

  • Have an initial call with an SAP Expert to get a personal SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation introduction with focus on planning your IoT prototype
  • Further call to review your prototype architecture in detail
  • Dedicated contact person for quick Q&As
  • Support for quick issue resolution

Taxes calculated during checkout

You can only subscribe to one edition.

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SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Services including 500 devices for

Device Management
Device Connectivity

SAP IoT Application Enablement including 400 million data streams for

Thing Meta Model
Authorization Management
Data Management & Storage
Thing Shadow
Organization and User Management
Events Management

SAP CP Web IDE including 5 users

Integrated Development Environment
IoT Application Templates

SAP Cloud Platform App Runtime (2 Gb) for

Execution of your IoT application

SAP CP Bandwidth (19 Gb) for

Data Transfer to and from the internet

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