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SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

Succession and Development Software

Help ensure a strong talent pipeline is always in place by continuously identifying, nominating, developing, and promoting current and future business leaders.

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Key Features

Key Features and Functions

Strategic Succession Management

Identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve business goals, while enabling succession planning that supports future growth.

  • Assess talent risk and spot gaps
  • Uncover hidden talent through company-wide talent searches
  • Nominate internal and external successor candidates to key positions instantly
  • Use talent pools to extend succession planning deep into your organization
  • Measure the effectiveness of your succession plans and their impact on business outcomes with custom reports and dashboards.

Intelligent Career and Development Planning

Empower employees to take control over their career development and growth to accelerate their advancement and maximize their value to the organization.

  • Engage employees and encourage mobility with intelligent career pathing and suggested roles
  • Accelerate development and foster growth with intelligent mentoring programs
  • Link development goals to learning activities to accelerate learning and create a pool of ready-now successors

Powerful, easy-to-use calibration

Accurately and objectively assess employee potential so you can identify, develop, and retain the talent you need to drive your business forward.

  • Reduce the time required to manage succession processes with easy-to-use calibration tools
  • Remove bias from your succession planning process
  • Ensure you always have future leaders in place



SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development software in action  

2:36 minutes
Identify and develop the talent you need to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth.


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You can only subscribe to one edition.

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Subscription billed annually, based on number of employee users

Includes capabilities to manage employee profiles and view reporting relationships 

Required implementation services are not included. For a list of certified partners, please click here

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